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Executive Producer Edward J. Murphy Jr.

Producers Mick Donner/Rick Asmega

Sound Engineer Rick Asmega

Vocals Edward J. Murphy Jr. 

Back up Vocals Chuck Malandrino, Mike Messineo

Acoustic Guitar Edward J. Murphy Jr.

Bass Mick Donner Rick Asmega

Banjo Mick Donner

Electric and Classical Guitars Robbie Barton

Keyboard/Synthesizer Al Gagnon Brian Kingsley

Drums Frank Napolitano, Skip Fisher

Bodhran Mick Donner

Bagpipes The Boston Gaelic Fire Brigade Pipes & Drums, The Worcester Fire Brigade Pipes & Drums

Graphic Design Mike Hohenadel


Special Thanks...

I’d like to thank some folks. First of all, I’d like to thank God. It’s been quite a ride so far. To the men and women of the Lawrence Fire Department, “youse” guys (and gals) are the best. We have the best fire department in the world in Lawrence and I am proud to be part of it.

Thanks to my mother and father – Mary and Ed – who gave me my faith, my voice and my “way with words.” A special thanks to my dad who taught me how to stay safe on the job. To Shannon, Kristen, and Eddie; three better people I couldn’t have dreamed of having for kids. To Aidan, Liam, and Ryan for letting me come over whenever I want – almost. To Mike Hohenadel for your great artwork and for being a great Son-in-Law. To Reets, Kathy, and Susan, my sisters, who are always there for me and their loved ones. And to Eddie Walsh for all your help and your friendship.

To Rick Asmega, the gentle giant: You’re a genius my friend. Thanks for all your hard work. To Mick Donner who got this project off the ground and laid the foundation for this work. Thanks Mick. To Robbie Barton, for the extraordinary guitar work. Rock on Robbie. To Al Gagnon – the Maestro – so many gigs, so much ministry. Thanks to Steve Daigle. Thanks also to Laurel McMahon Cortellino, my voice teacher. To Brian Kingsley for all his help throughout the years, for his leadership and friendship, and for being the inspiration for writing “The Fireman’s Prayer.” Thanks Bri. 

To The Boston and Worcester Pipers – what a song. Nice job. Especially for my lifelong friend Ray Kenyon – thanks “Pork.” Thanks to Frank Napolitano and Skip Fisher for percussion and to Chuck Malandrino and Mike Messineo. A special thanks to Dave Parker – “I sing like I can.”


To Saint Michael’s choir, “Thanks for the invite. I needed that.”

To the Lawrence Fire Department committee I set up to help me – Graeme Millar, Ronnie LaVallee and Rene LaVallee. To Chief Rick Fredette, for all your support way back when. Thanks to Deputy John Marsh for help with my English grammar. To Cindy (Sirois) Roberge, who saw something in me that took a while for me to see in myself. To Massachusetts State Fire Marshall Stephen Coan, “It only took 14 years, but who’s counting?” Thanks to (retired) Chief Dick Shafer. And to all those I don’t mention – you know who you are, and I am eternally grateful for all you’ve done.


And last, but certainly not least, to the men and women of the fire departments of the Merrimack Valley who kept coming no matter what. You were like the Cavalry coming over the hill to rescue us. We were down to 100 men and going further down if it weren’t for Charlie Tontar (thanks Charlie!). The only way to pay you back is to come when you call. Thanks one and all.


- Eddie Murphy


In memory of: Bob Crosby Born: March 31, 1951 Went Home, February 28, 2003

This music and CD are dedicated in loving memory of Bob Crosby, who touched our lives with the sweet caress that was “Himself.” Bob was the drummer in our church and in our Irish band, and also a volunteer firefighter. He was many things, but most of all he was our friend and we miss him much!

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